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"Kreadiv by VBA, Formerly Varo Media Group"

We've recently changed the name of our Media Team.

Kreadiv by VBA is the new Varo Media Group. Kreadiv is much more simple and does great with our 2024 marketing plan.

Important Information To know:

  • All team members of Varo Media Group are still on board and you will still be in contact with your assigned Account Executive

  • Any projects with team members have been moved to our secure drive

  • New Website! Same look new link:

  • Use the provided link above to refer new business, or simply to reach out to our team

  • All social media accounts are @kreadivbyvba

  • 1 email - all team members can be reached through 

How does email work?

Simply email us your question. Our Kreadiv Agents will get your email routed to your account executive. If your Account Executive is out, we are able to leave notes under your client profile (checked daily by our Account Executives) and your account executive will get back with you as soon as they can.

All Account Executives have access to this email. They can only respond once a Kreadiv Agent assigns an email to them, so please be patient and give up to 5 business days for a response.

How do Kreadiv Agents know who you are?

Your email address tells us everything we need to know. Each email address has a unique file internally with notes from anyone you've ever spoken to on our team. 

Thanks for being a valued client/partner. 

Michael Pope

Kreadiv Agent

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