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College Friends

Program for Student Involvement.

Invite prospects, business professionals and family to available sport suites. Secure tickets through the Platinum Dashboard.

Sport Suites

Participate in our business expos and enjoy networking with other business professionals.


Participate and host local networking mixers. Enjoy business social gatherings. Networking in a relaxed setting.

Business Mixers

Connect with the community through VBA Cares. Attend events and share the amazing ways that VBA gives back.

VBA Cares

Student Benefits:



  • Must be pursuing a degree at an accredited University or College

  • Able to participate with flexible hours, including some evenings and weekends for a minimum of 15 hours per week

  • Immersed in student life with an understanding of the collegiate landscape and local city including behind-the-scenes activities and hot-spots

  • Connected with a diverse range of influential groups and individuals on campus

  • A team player, willing to represent VBA with branded outfits

  • University/College Active Student

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