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VBA Monthly Business


Join us once a month at Top Golf! Free lifetime membership for Top Golf. Must be a VBA or VBAU Member to obtain tickets. Members may bring a + 1.


VBA Suite Life


Sports hospitality events can help organizations drive employee engagement, meet and exceed business goals and increase motivation. They can be used to incentivize employees, reward excellent performance and expand your business. 

Elevate your experience with our exclusive sport suites and sports tickets. As a valued member, you have access to both complimentary and purchase options for various sporting events. Our Premium and Select members enjoy even more privileges, with guaranteed access to tickets for baseball games and full access to all sports as Platinum members. Plus, as a Platinum member, you can make special requests for game tickets. If our marketing team is able to secure the seats, you will have first priority in securing them within 24 hours. Don't miss out on this unbeatable opportunity - join us now and elevate your love for sports!

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